Jeg besvarer spørgesmål siden jeg blei tagga og det hele blir en interessemant og englifisert affære =0)

Verden er fin, verden er veldig fin for meg i hvert fall og det er ikke noen spesiell grunn til det, ingenting stort som har skjedd eller noe, men jeg ser liksom frem til så mye og leser, ser film, tegner og skriver og smiler og ser lykken ligge på lur i tekoppene mine, vandre ved min side gjennom hverdagens magiske øyeblikk. Og nå skal jeg blogge siden jeg har blitt tagget av Kristine (frøken Nattfallspoesi herself) og da skal jeg liksom svare på en rekke spørsmål, noe jeg er klar for. Da begynner jeg (and this will be in english, ladies and gentlemen, pardon me as I thoughtfully answers the questions):

First: If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own blog. Replace any question that you dislike with a new, original question.

1. Lots of pillows or just one?
I usually use only one pillow, but if there's an extra one at the ready then I often let it join in.

2. What kinds of books do you read?
Many different ones, some with a red cover, some with a blue, some where it's fantastical elements, you know Harry Potter and His dark materials-style, some rooted in real life, some where love is a big part of the whole adventures and some that are just fun and epic. I love young adult books and graphical novels as genres though and isn't that into crime and action, though there is exceptions.

3. What are your most awesome skills?
Saying the alphabet backwards! I think I'm quite good at writing and drawing too and then there is random little things that I haven't thought of 🙂

4. What's your occupation?
Working at some place called Fossheim Verksteder where I get to try out different thingies to discover what work would fit me the best and stuff. It is more interesting than it sounds.

5. If you had to dress up for a costume party right this second, what would you want to dress as?
Probably witch since I'm kind of boring when it comes to dressing up.

6. What's the last thing you ate?
Chicken and fried potatoes (I really love fried potatoes, most anything including potatoes actually)

7. What's been making you smile lately?
This: I fell for the musical "Spring Awakening" just a few months ago and now it's going to be put up at "Oslo Nye Teater" in January. It's perfect and something I will watch, no matter what =0) Other than that, this: (I just love that song and that clip with that song)

8. Television or movies?
I actually can't pick, they give me different experiences kind of. But movies are the ones that gives me the most magical moments.
9. What was the last thing you bought?
Lunch at the workplace.

10. What's the cutest thing you've seen today?
My elephant-thingies collection.

11. Do you get cravings? If so, what do you crave?
Sweets and snacks, but I try to have some days without it.

12. Who would you go gay/straight for?
A few fictional characters like Luna Lovegood and Stargirl (from the book with the same name). J.K. Rowling and Ellen Degeneres based purely on the fact that they seem very likable and entertaining (and J.K. Rowling could perhaps give me some writing tips), Jessica Alba because of her smile (and she is really pretty, she looks kind of like a real life Disney Princess), one person I went to high school with because she was good at everything and nice (I was both jealous and fascinated by her) and perhaps a few others, who knows 🙂

13. What's your zodiac sign?
Cancer (with ascendant in virgo and moon in scorpio)

14. Do you want to learn another language?
Yes, many. Mostly I'd love to be really good at latin though since it sounds so beautiful

15. Soup or salad?

16. Favourite place you've ever been?

17. Shoes or barefoot?

18. Say something to the person who tagged you.
Det var en skribent i fra Lier
som tagget meg på sine sider
og jeg svarte blidt
mens jeg tenkte "om litt
gir jeg boka hennes terningkast tier"

19. What are you reading right now?
This question of course (like the others)

20. What's your favourite animal?
Elephants 🙂
21. What are your plans for the future tomorrow?
To read and other stuff

22. Would you say that you're responsible with money?
I think so

23. Does the weather affect your mood?
It depends, sometimes yes.

24. What song is in your head right now? If the answer is none, what was the last song you had in your head?
"All that's known"
Og der er spørsmålene besvart og jeg skal med det si takk for meg for i dag, men skal antakelig blogge igjen før dere vet ordet av det, vips så dukker jeg opp liksom. På gjensyn 🙂

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    1. I wanna learn Latin too! I absolutely love it, and how on earth can you know the alphabet backwards?! That is truly awesome! XD

      You have an elephant collection?!? I’d like to see that actually haha, probably tons of cuteness!!

      Also, how kickass am I for commenting in english 8D Is seriously need to find some english blog’s for some reason I’m more comfortable in english rather than norwegian.

      Anywhoo, I’ll start rambling if I don’t shut up now…

    2. But english is really cool (especially if it’s like totally sophisticated early twentieth century english).
      I’m actually better at the alphabet backwards than forwards and I have had pictures of my elephant collection before, but maybe I repost and cool that I’m not the only one who loves latin 🙂

      Otherwisely thank you for the comment and have a nice day!!!

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