Please don’t ignore Vera Dietz

Dear reader, this blog post will be written in english and I hope that’s okay. Since my last blog post (which way too few people read, just saying) I’ve reached 35 835 words on Nanowrimo and met epic Skrivebua-members, listened to “Spring Awakening” and eaten candy and now I’m going to review a book I just finished. Enjoy!



“Vera’s spent her whole life secretly in love with her best friend, Charlie Kahn. And over the years she?s kept a lot of his secrets. Even after he betrayed her. Even after he ruined everything. So when Charlie dies in dark circumstances, Vera knows a lot more than anyone, the kids at school, his family, even the police. But will she emerge to clear his name? Does she even want to?

Edgy and gripping, Please Ignore Vera Dietz is an unforgettable novel: smart, funny, dramatic, and always surprising.”

That is basically how the book presents itself and it makes it sound really intriguing and it is too, intriguing I mean. A. S. King has in this book created a masterpiece again.

I first heard of A. S. King in autumn of 2008 when I found out about a book by her that was to come out spring 2009 named “The Dust of 100 Dogs”. I ordered “The Dust of 100 Dogs” the moment it came out and I loved it. For one thing it had an awesome cover, but more than that it was a really enjoyable read and with pirates and dogs, oh my, it was very much epic. So I got really interested when I heard that a new book was on its way and then I was lucky enough to win it and long story short, now I’ve finished “Please Ignore Vera Dietz” and can say for certain that one shouldn’t ignore her, actually you should do completely otherwise and give her lots of attention.

The first thing that came to mind when I got the book “Please Ignore Vera Dietz” in my hands was that the cover certainly grabs your attention. It makes you interested and that is  a good thing. And as I read it I found out that it’s a wonderful book. In turns intriguing, exiting, touching and funny it makes for a compelling read.

One of the reasons is Vera which is a really cool character. She’s smart and witty and far from perfect and that makes her so real, she’s one of those characters one can relate to and feel for and that in itself makes the book worth reading. But more than that; A. S. King has managed to write a book that in many ways is about grief and yet never goes sentimental and that is meant as a compliment because most people writing a book about a girl that has lost her best friend would be tempted by sentimental scenes written in hopes of having the reader tear up and A. S. King never falls victim to that temptation. It’s quite the opposite actually, “Please Ignore Vera Dietz” is more to the point and simple to read and yet much more touching that your average “girl has lost her best friend, watch how she’s coping”-book because of A. S. Kings talent for letting the most important thing be to tell a story, wonderful sentences is just a bonus.

Plus it’s incredibly entertaining because of how it’s almost like a puzzle, you get one piece after another and never knows the whole story until the end where it adds up and A. S. Kings tells the story in a totally entertaining way by letting you hear from different view-points; mostly Vera, but also brief words from the pagoda (I can’t explain it, google it, it is epicness), Vera’s father and the dead kid, Charlie. The book also has really cool flow charts and some flash backs that works very well and it all adds up to a book that is great in so many ways, one can’t count them all.

Other cool things is the relationship between Vera and her father that is wonderfully portrayed and the way this is one of those books where everything goes to hell basically, but still ends on a hopeful note. And the characters make mistakes, but yet you care for them and wish them the best and that’s cool too.If I am to complain about anything it is that “Please Ignore Vera Dietz” didn’t intrigue me in the same way as “The Dust of 100 Dogs”. I really liked it, but it lacked a certain magic that I saw a lot of in “Dust of 100 Dogs”, but that could be just that I missed the pirates and supernatural elements, this was a more realistic book and very different from “Dust of 100 Dogs” while still being just as wellwritten and clever. Another thing is that I found some characters a bit underdeveloped and I wanted the book to be longer and answer more questions. Then again I like an open ending with a bit of hope to it and this book was that in a nutshell and it was also fascinating. Plus I think A. S. King is epic, I read her blog and follow her on twitter and has found out that she is one of my three facorite alive authors (the other two is J. K. Rowling and Rhys Thomas) now =D

And in short, don’t ignore “Ignore Vera Dietz”, read it and enjoy it. On a scale from one to six where six is the best I give it a five and I’m going to continue reading everything and all A. S. King writes. She is cool!

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