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Hello! This blog post is going to be in english seeing as it’s going to obsess about a book and I’m planning to get the author to read it and she’s american. But before I get to the point I’m just going to babble a little about a few other things. Like how I still really like my christmas calendar-story on Facebook, like how I’m a big fan of opening christmas calendars myself every morning and like how I like my life even if it really is quite boring and this week will be very eventless annoyingly enough. Still, it’s December and this week I’m planning to buy Christmas presents so that will be nice and I do love December. Plus I get to play Nintendo Wii a lot now, yay for that. But now I’ll cut to the chase. One of my favorite authors is A. S. King and she’s one of those authors which you want everybody to read because you like her books just that much. And after I won Nanowrimo I bought a few things on Amazon.co.uk as a prize from me to me and one of those prizes was A.S. King’s newest book “Everybody sees the ants” and now I’ve read it and loved it and will obsess about it a bit in a review I’m going to post right now. I’ll end this blog post with this hopefully intriguing review and it starts right underneath the picture of things I got from Amazon, “Everybody sees the ants” is the book beneath the other three things and has an awesome cover (which you don’t see that well on the picture, but just trust me, cover = awesome) and now I’ll start reviewing underneath the picture. Let’s go!

“Everybody sees the ants” by A.S. King equals epic so everybody should read it NOW!!!

There are two authors that I love more than all other authors in the universe and that is J. K. Rowling and A. S. King and it’s the latter of those two that I’m going to talk about here. This is because I, as of yesterday, has finished her third book, «Everybody sees the ants» and it was brilliant.


First and foremostly; A.S. King (asking =D) is a GENIUS, while she isn’t the God of quoteableness (that’s Steve Toltz by the way), she is one of those authors I want to read everything and anything by, which I follow on Twitter and Facebook (and I read her blog too, because it’s so cool and she has contests and stuff) and which I would seriously want to meet in real life (on my unwritten list of important people I want to meet in real life she is really high up). And it all started when I first heard about «Dust of 100 dogs» (which I really should review at some point seeing as it is among my favorite books of all time) where I fell so in love with the cover and the concept that I obsessed about for a long time before I actually got it and liked it even more than expected. And then I read «Please ignore Vera Dietz» and now I’ve read this and while I still like «Dust of 100 dogs» the most (mainly because of the pirate-theme that makes it EPIC), «Everybody sees the ants» is the most wellwritten of her books.


Here we follow fifteen year old Lucky Linderman who isn’t a very big fan of his life seeing as he’s bullied by Nader McMillan and has a mom that is a squid and a dad that is a turtle (here we speak quite metaphorically of course) among other things resulting in a «life not likey»-situastion. And then there’s his dreams where he tries to rescue his grandfather that disappeared during the Vietnam War and of course the ants. Yes, I’m not doing that great a job of explaining the concept for this book because it’s one of those books where you shouldn’t know much beforehand, it’s just meant to be dived into head first and then enjoy the ride.


And it’s a really great ride because A.S. King is so good at writing that it saddens me a bit how you don’t find her books in norwegian bookstores and she’s not translated into norwegian and if I mention her to most norwegian people they don’t have any idea of who the hell I’m talking about and that’s so wrong. I want everybody to read her because she’s just that good and this book is no exception. You end up really caring for Lucky Linderman and wanting the best for him and the other characters are great to and well-developed in the way where we see how they all do mistakes and have their faults, but they’re good people still.


Then there’s the magical realism-bit that A.S. King weaves so well into her stories, here represented by dreams that may be more than dreams and ants (I won’t even try to explain the ants, it must be experienced, but they are so cool) and yet everything makes sense. You don’t get confused and stuff like that. And I love how this is a book that are at times funny, at times sad and at times just plain awesome and it really should have its own page on TvTropes (all A.S. King’s books should have that, it’s a shame they doesn’t). Plus it takes up important theme’s like finding one self, dealing with bullying and more, but it never gets preachy or anything, it’s in some ways reminded me a bit of «The Wednesday Wars» which is another book I just read and also had this ability to deal with important subjects, but in a great, un-preachy way and with a good amount of humor too. Yay!


And to quote it a little:


It’s hard to believe that technically, only a few hours ago, I was getting my ass kicked by Nader McMillan outside the men?s room at the Freddy pool. After a while, I get up and inspect my scab in the guest room mirror for the first time. It’s dried into a sore, ugly, rucked-up plateau. Parts are cut more deeply than others. I swear he nearly revealed the peak of my cheekbone. No doubt I’ll scar and remember Nader every day of my life when I look in the mirror.

On a lighter note it’s the exact shape of Ohio. Like identical. My eyeball is floating lazily on Lake Erie. It’s thinking of going water-skiing later.

Or this part about Lucky’s bullying that results in me wanting to give him a hug and makes me mad because people really shouldn’t have to deal with things like that, it’s so horrible, I’m kind of wanting to shot at Nader McMillan with a bow an arrow:


Son, there will always be bullies in your life. Some people just don?t know how to act.”

Always? I know this sounds totally stupid, but sometimes I really can’t see the point in living if I will always have to deal with this crap. I know I will have better times in my life, and I might even make myself into someone important, but if the whole time I have to deal with assholes, then what?s the point?

I know if I said this out lout, Aunt Jodi would call an ambulance or something, but instead of shutting me up over it, why can’t they just answer me?

I think it’s because they feel bad for not making it fair. Rather than actually fix it, they freak out on kids who say things like, “I’d rather suck truck fumes than go through one more day of this place.”

Hasn’t anyone said something like that at least once? And really, I would rather suck truck fumes than deal with this sort of shit forever. Mom says that Nader is a loser who will grow up to be a loser and that I’ll understand when I’m forty. But I want to understand now.

A.S. King, if you ever read this (which I’m planning on getting you to through Twitter and such), getting me to wanting to shoot a character in a book with a bow and arrow (even though I was horrible at shooting with bow and arrow the one time in my life I actually tried doing just that) is proof of you writing a great book that feels completely real and absorbing as I’m reading it. In short: it means that you ROCK!!!

And I don’t really have that much more to say. But I just have to add that I think Ginny is wonderful (there should be a follow-up story where Lucky and Ginny ends up together because I’m totally shipping them), I like the ending (it’s among the few books where the ending is an ending I actually like) and I end up giving the book a 5 on the dice (it’s a really strong five, it just lacks that extra something that turns a book from «OMG I reeeeally liked this» and into «I love you book, heart times infinity») and I want everyone to read this and A.S. King’s other books because she is brilliant and her books are as King-like as her name 🙂

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 out of <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 hearts then, just to clarify scorewise =D



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    1. Blog posts written in English deserve comments written in English. Thanks for another great review. I don’t know when I’ll be able to read this book, but I’ll definately do it when I get the chance 🙂

    2. Awesome 🙂 And comments in english feels completely right for blog posts written in english, I sincerely agree about that and thank you for the comment =D

    3. Here is another one in English! Nice practice. I’ll check out this book. But these days I’m busy with listening to the Broadway music on ‘Next to Normal. Rocks.

    4. I know “Next to normal” rocks, I bought the cd in june of 2009, I’ve listened to it quite a lot really 😉 And thanks for the comment, hope you read the book, it is brilliant =D

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