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Hello! It’s Monday and today I’m going to have an english blog-post, seeing as I’m going to spend most of this post reviewing “Ask the passengers” and then I’ll try to get the american writer of this epic book to read it (which shouldn’t be too difficult since we’re friends on Facebook). This means englishness and hopefully the few people that actually reads this blog will find that to be totally okay.

Anyway, before reviewing begins I have fascinating news. A) It’s less than a week before AWESOMENESS, which means theatre and more precisely musical and even more precisely “My fair Lady” at Folketeateret. I’m veeeery exited! B) I’ve tried “Firefly” before, but haven’t gotten into it, but now I’ve tried it again by skipping the first episode and that helps. Now I’ve watched from the second to the sixth episode and finds it quite entertaining and brilliant and I’ll probably enjoy the rest too. And the reason why I watch Firefly is that I’m testing the free month of Netflix (which I basically use to see Firefly and the first seasons of Buffy and Charmed, there’s not many other things of interest there). C) I was at the library and borrowed eight books on saturday. I love books <3

I don’t really have any other fascinating anecdotes or anything so now I’ll first post this:

That’s the cover, the nice and quite wonderful cover and now I’m going to spend the rest of this post on the review and when that’s done I’m going to make dinner because I’m hungry and then I’m probably going to spend the evening on watching episodes of different tv-shows, writing and generally having fun and then my next blog-post will probably show up on Thursday and then in Norwegian. Hope the review is nice reading material 🙂

Ask the passengers by A.S. King


Every airplane, no matter how far it is up there, I send love to it. I picture the people in their seats with their plastic cups of soda or orange juice or Scotch, and I love them. I really love them. I send a steady, visible stream of it?love?from me to them. From my chest to their chests. From my brain to their brains. It?s a game I play.

It?s a good game because I can?t lose.

I do it everywhere now. When I buy Rolaids at the drugstore, I love the lady who runs the place. I love the old man who?s stocking shelves. I even love the cashier with the insanely large hands who treats me like shit every other day. I don?t care if they don?t love me back.

This isn?t reciprocal.
It?s an outpouring.
Because if I give it all away, then no one can control it.
Because if I give it all away, I?ll be free.


Astrid Jones needs a hug. She also needs someone to confide in and when she doesn?t find one she decides to confide in the passengers sitting in the planes flying high up above her backyard and the small town where she lives. So she sends them her love while asking all her questions, among them what it means that she might be in love with a girl.

I love A.S. King?s books. She is one of those authors where I want to read everything and where I?m safe, I know I?m in good hands, I know I will enjoy what I read. This book is no exception.

It?s not a completely original concept, books have been written about understanding one?s sexuality before and other coming-out stories have been told. When I still found this book wholly original it?s because of the A.S. King?s voice which shines through and makes it something completely special. And I adored it.

The thing I like the most is probably Astrid?s reluctance to put labels on things, something I kind of share. This reluctance is why I have nothing written in the field ?Interested in? on Facebook because anything?s possible. I?m personally of the view that what you fall in love with isn?t the gender, but the person so while I?ve only been in love with boys so far, I could fall just as easily in love with a girl. Everything can happen. And Astrid shares this reluctance to label herself as anything because she doesn?t know where she stands. All she knows is that she?s in love and it happens to be a girl she loves.

And I really liked reading about Astrid. She is easy to relate to seeing as she?s a dreamer, questioner, clever and snarky and most of all completely real. You get her; you understand her hatred of trigonometry and fascination towards philosophy, she?s one of those characters I could totally have been friends with in real life and that makes her story very compelling.

I also like that this book deals with the questioning part because many people really doesn?t know what they are. Gay, straight, bi, for many this isn?t easy to answer and this book also shows that it shouldn?t matter. Why should one have to put a label on everything, why can?t one just be oneself? It?s an important question and A.S. King deals with it in a wonderful way in this book.

Plus it?s very well written. It?s an important story told in a no-nonsense manner that shows a thoughtful, organic voice that makes A.S. King stand out. She has her own way of writing that?s eloquent, smart and interesting. And I also love the way her books all have something magical about them. In this case it?s the glimpses of the passengers life?s in small vignettes and the way Socrates himself is a character appearing once in a while. I personally love it when books have something quirky and enchanting about them and A.S. Kings books always have this, which makes them books that make me say ?yay!?

Other thing?s I love is that Astrid wants Socrates to have another name and decides on calling him Frank Socrates, I love that no one is perfect and how the ending is happy, but still realistic, I love how the cover fits the story very well and I love the idea of sending love to passengers.

What I don?t love is how the option ?bisexual? doesn?t really come up and I get why, but still. It seems a little like the option is either gay or straight when one can be right in the middle too. I also think some of A.S. King?s earlier books have made a bigger impact on me and wanted to know some of the characters better.

There is something missing that stops this from being absolutely brilliant, but nothing stops it from being very good and mostly I really did like this book a lot.

I give it a five rating (on a scale where six is the best) and wants to end this review with a thank you to A.S. King for being awesome still. Yay for her! =D

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